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The Packaging Market in Cameroon
Food Safety, Sustainability, Profitability and Availability in packaging supply chains

November 3rd, 2022, Douala

Hybrid Event on Professional Packaging Supply Chains

Why is the Event so relevant?

Substantial investments from the packaging sector have been made in Cameroon by international and domestic food manufacturers and processers over the past years. This triggers the increasing need for base materials as well as packaging materials in Cameroon.

Imported Packaging line equipment and packaging materials and at the same time uncompetitive supply chains from Europe or Africa are only two spotlights characterizing the market environment. On the other side the increasing needs for innovation, sustainability and food safety determine the requirements for packaging buyers in Cameroon.

Packaging can also contribute to improve Post-Harvest Losses. Many supply chain factors like logistics, infrastructure, storage, agricultural structures etc., influence post-harvest losses, but sufficient Packaging is one of the factors that can deliver fast results.

Finally, the Packaging sector is highly visible, due to associated sustainability aspects in manufacturing und consumption. Recycling efforts and a sustainable packaging alternative cannot be ignored.

In a nutshell: Packaging can be a “Game Changer” for many companies if profitability, sustainability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction are addressed.
What is the benefit for you?

The objective of this event is to put a spotlight on the packaging market needs in Cameroon. The event should address the most urgent aspects and provide best practise ideas from industry experts.

Participants will have the opportunity to leave their specific packaging related requests and training needs with the GABN team. We will return to you with more detailed information, and we will provide further guidance to the extent possible.

You can intensify the dialogue within the local packaging sector among participants and create a direct relation with German and international companies and institutions to provide continuous support.

What topics will be addressed by the speakers?

• Innovations in Rigid packaging with focus on Closures and Tubs
• Process Optimization in Corrugated Export Packaging
• Flexible Packaging – Options for a Circular economy for all substrates
• Packaging Lines – Bag and Pouch filling technologies
• Export & Food contact Regulations for Packaging
• Market insights of the Cameroon packaging sector

Who will speak?

• Berry / Astrapak (South Africa)
• Klingele Embalajas (Senegal / Mauretania / Germany)
• The Packaging Group (UK / Germany)
• MICAM (Cameroon)
• Constantia (South Africa / Austria)
• Intertek (USA / Germany / Cameroon)

Stay tuned - the preregistration will start soon!

 For further details please write to:


Our first hybrid Online/Presence Event has taken place. The topic of the event was:

Best Practice in Food Supply – Empower Africa´s domestic Food Sector

Turning opportunities into strengths!



Klatschen Publikum

November 10, 2021


The initial event to introduce the network in Cameroon will be a short ONLINE conference focussing on the domestic food industry. We will have 30 minutes speeches on various topics from Technology, Logistics, Trading, Raw materials, and Food Packaging.

Of course, Food Packaging is a key area if it comes to efficiency improvements in the domestic Industry and identifying opportunities for exports from Cameroon.


The team invokes the following philosophy – We live in a changing world. This is why our team offers new global hubs in Africa for manufacturing and trading as well as digital platforms for training and knowledge exchange worldwide. Young professional talents from Africa in combination with German and European Expertise are the pillar of the Team. We offer African Managers and start-ups with bright ideas: This ever more globally connected world of business – that is what events, online seminars, and individual business services and solutions are the basis of our activities.



The program is subject to change.

Program - Online (Duration: 4 hours) - Online and in Douala, Camerron (Hotel Starland)

The program for this event includes presentations about:

  • Welcome 

       Hanno DETTLOF & Evrard TCHAKOUNTE

  • Packaging as a factor of competiveness for Cameroonian companies!

       Speaker: Stephen KOUAM - DG MiCAM - Managing Director

  • Food Processing & Packaging – Securing Safe & Sustainable Standards  for Food Supply from Africa  

       Speaker: Dr. Marc von ESSEN - Eurofins NDSC - Business Development Manager

  • Requirements on efficient Export Packaging and Transport – Sea, Air, Ship

       Speaker: DHL GF Mrs. Veronique EPANGUE – DHL Cameroon – Country Manager

  • The Technology & Life cycle equilibrium in the Beverage & Liquid Food Industry

       Speaker: Anthony OSUNDE - KRONES LCS West Africa - Head of Sales 

  • Importing Food from Africa – Discovering new opportunities for the German Retail

       Speaker: Bjoern GEHRMANN (Exbox-Wuenschegroup) - Managing Director

  • Importing Cocoa from Africa for sustainable Chocolate products

       Speaker: RITTER Sport Germany T.B.C.

  • Summarize Lesson Learned and next actions

       Moderation: Wilfried KROKOWSKI & Frank JIONGO


The event is supported by our partners in Germany and Africa. The conference language is English with simultaneous French translation. The conference will take place in the Hotel STARLAND in Douala/Cameroon. Some speakers will perform their presentations virtually.

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We proudly present our speakers with following short video of the company:

Stephane KOUAM - MiCAM Cameroon

Dr. Marc von Essen - eurofins NDSC

Veronique EPANGUE - DHL Cameroon

Anthony OSUNDE - KRONES LCS West Africa


Here you can download our MEDIAFILE from this Event

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